Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sugar Scub Cubes are In Stock!

I'm happy to introduce a new line of products to my shop! I recently started making Sugar Scrub Cubes made with hemp oil and real cane sugar.
These generously sized cubes are plenty to cut in half and use a few times!
Wonderful for a gift, or just the right treat to pamper yourself on cold winter nights in a nice warm bath.

Sugar Cookie scented Sugar Scrub Cubes also have Apricot Seed Powder for extra exfoliation! These smell just like a realy sugar cookie, just like my mother used to make. :) Sugar, dough, flour and butter blend together in a very heartwarming scent.

Royal Cherry Scrub Cubes are a wonderful luxurious gold color and smell of rich ripe cherries! A wonderful scrub that leave a light gold shimmer behind after use. :)

I absolutely want to EAT these sugar scrub cubes! White Truffle Raspberry Sugar Scrub Cubes were the first kind i created, and i love them so much! They're so absolutely to die for. I wish I could give these ones out to everyone I know!

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Cori said...

Wow those look like chunks of fudge! They look so yummy!

Bethany said...

Those cubes seriously look too deliciously! They should come with a warning :) Love them!

Grace said...

Colorful fudge. YUMMY! Thanks for sharing.
I am dropping EC here. Enjoy the weekend. :)

reyapo said...

wow.. i agree with bethany.. they look delicious.. and they should come with a warning... hehe..

Anonymous said...

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