Thursday, August 27, 2009

New soaps in the works!

I finally recieved my monsterous new supply order!! 16 new fragrances, veggie oils, flavor oils for chapsticks, seeds, herbs, and soap colors! Tons of new exciting things that i've been dying to get. :D
The day I got the box from UPS, I went through, sniffed everything, and got straight to soap making. Yesterday I made the soap you see above, scented Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet with 2 kinds of seeds, cranberry and apricot seed that has been crushed. It smells absolutely amazing! It is made with one of my favorite soap recipes using soybean oil!!

I also made another bar, scented with the fragrance "Citrus Cilantro". It's an amazingly crisp and refreshing scent, that smells like crushed oranges lemons and lots and lots of fresh chopped Cilantro! This was made at the request of a coworker, who always comes over to sniff the freshly chopped herb while I'm making foods in the morning. She's been asking about it for awhile and I finally found a scent that I really find to be perfect. It's sooo invigorating, I really love the blend!

Today, John asked me to make soap! So I took him into the kitchen and spent time telling him what each oil does, what I do with each ingredient, etc. We came up with a lovely fragrance blend together, then picked a wonderfully creamy and soft recipe to make. He measured out all the oils and water, mixed up the ingredients, and even poured the lye into the oils. He did a great job and I barely yelled at him at all! ;) Just kidding, he was great. The soap fragrance is an amazing blend of Strawberry, Cherry, Almond, and Hazelnut Cappiccino. It's so tasty, it smells like an amazing drink from a coffee house!

I also wanted to give you guys a quick peak at my brand new packaging!! The picture below is a shot of my last bar of Bergamot Orange (which was insanely popular at Hempfest! Almost sold out.) all wrapped up in the new stuff! The tissue paper is 100% recycled materials, and the raffia is recyclable paper! YAY!
The tags also have all my business info so that it's easy to reorder those bars you know you love ;)

Hope you guys are having a great Friday, and hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'll take you to the Candy Shoppe ;)

Okay so this is definately something i never thought i'd end up buying online but turned out to love: SWEETS!
I'm 100% addicted to buying sweets and candies on etsy, and i basically do every time i have the excuse.
The first sweets i've ever purchased from etsy were the Dulce de leche vanilla marshmallows from VINTAGECONFECTION (pictured up top.). They're soo tasty, it was my first homemade marshemallow and it was to die for. The swirl in the mallow is my favorite part, soo sweet. These are amazing in hot cocoa, and big enough that you can definately cut them up for smaller pieces!

The next thing I purchased (and adoooored!!) were some delicious Gourmet Cake Truffles from BlissCandies for my 1 year anniversary with John. I ordered them in Carrot Cake with milk chocolate to dipp them in. SO GOOD! John absolutely loved these and gobbled them up so quickly. He definately wants more, that is for sure. We might need to buy the package of 48 next time!
Next on my list to try is Pumpkin Chocolate Truffles from Janeofalltrades. Don't those look amazing?! they sound like a very interesting flavor as well. :D
Do you have a favorite treat from a seller on etsy?! Leave some suggestions that you've tried or would love to try from your favorite etsy users. :D

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Huge Success!

Home from hempfest, and everything was amazing!!I sold out of a ton of scents, and gave out a lot of cards.

I'll be back and fully stocked, better than ever in september! Currently selling out my old scents on etsy. :) Get them while they last.

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