Monday, April 27, 2009

So many new soaps!

I've been on a soap making frenzy lately! My newest scents include coconut lime, watermelon, guava, and i feel like there is one more that i'm forgetting.. I still need to take pictures, list, and a few other things.

I REALLY need to sell some more soaps so i can buy more oils!

I ordered business cards, as well as new papers to wrap the soaps in. Make them actually have a packaging appearance.

Here's a preview of the watermelon soap! Smells just like the gum, and would be perfect for kids, or those with a sweet tooth.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My perrfect kitty, Cheech!

I love this kitty! He's such a little butt head.

John and I got Cheech just after we'd moved into out new house. We were looking in the newspaper, and there was only one ad for cats. Free young male cat. Fixed, shots, no fees!

We called the lady up, and she seemed SUPER out there, ya know? Space case! She rattled off the directions faster than you could image.

We got lost trying to find the house and had to call her again to find the way!

When we got there, we brought a cat carrier in with us to take our baby home, but the lady said no! She got out an old pillow case, threw the cat in, and twisted the bag up while handing it to us!!! She said he'd be more "comfortable" in it instead of the "LITTLE JAIL!"

Some people are nuts.

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Didn't go as planned

Today didn't go as planned at all! John had to go into work, after we'd just rented movies for us to watch tonight when our friend came over to visit. Dang!!
So our friend came over and spent some time with me here, while i made a batch of soap.
I used cleminite and cream scent, as well as an herbal blend made by Crossroadsconjure infused in olive oil.
Somehow, this batch turned out perfectly. Everything went smooth, the colors blended amazingly, and it smells just FANTASTIC! I think this soap just may have a bit of luck! It looks like tie dyed soap, really.

The other batch I made after my guest went home, was scented with Guava, Green Apple, Acai, and mangosteen. It's juicy! Plain color with rich red purple swirls, seeds in the red soap for exfoliation.

I can't wait to unmold! They're both gel right now, so tomorrow will be the most exciting part! Haha, I love making sooap.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm home!!

Hey everyone, i just got home from cali! It was so beautiful, and so HOT!
My boyfriend and I visited Disneyland, as well as california adventure.
We stayed in a really nice best western that had a 24 hour pool and hot tub, though the pool was probably around 35 degrees the whole time. WAY TOO COLD!!
The picture is of my boyfriend at Cape Blanco in Oregon! We camped there for a night on the way down. The cabin we got was so nice, and only $35 for the night. It had a queen bed, and a bunk bed with a little night stand, a table, 2 chairs, lights and electric as well as a heater! So it was campin made easy. The picture is taken on a cliff that we could get to from a little train right behind our cabin. SO PRETTY! There were rocks in the distance that looked like a turtle and a whale hanging out. haha.
Anyway, we're off to print some pictures and get lunch, as well as to deliver some soap to my momma.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

California Dreamin!!

Tomorrow evening, my boyfriend and I are leaving for CALI!!
We're going to be camping in the redwood forest, visit disneyland or hollywood adventures, hang out with some friends in LA and possibly Sanfran, and visit as many beaches as we can.
I'm soo excited, and I'm bringing my camera! There will be pictures, for sure.
I also hope to buy some gifts for friends as well as any amazing fabrics or soap supplies i happen to find. Herbs or botanicals, maybe tea blends or spiritual herb and root blends.

I'm actually in the planning stages of soaps that have herbs with a "purpose"! I found some "cast out evil" "lucky" "fortune" kind of herbal blends that are straight plant matter, nothing added. I'd love to use essencial oils and throw some extra fine ground herbs in my soaps, to create soaps that will help to not only improve your SKIN, but the spirital aspects of your life as well.. Soaps that can help improve your life in ALL areas.

Do you think you'd buy a spiritual herbal blend soap? Or think it's interesting, at least.

Anyway, boyfriend is home with dinner! Happy easter to all!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New shop banner!

I just made a new banner for my shop and wanted to show it off! I'm super proud of it, honestly. :)

stop by my shop to check out my 25% off sale this month!!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Castile Soap

Going to make some castile soap tonight.

Should i scent it, or leave it unscented?

I wish i had another soap mold!!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

First treasury!

I caught my first treasury on esty today! It was pure luck, i had just gotten off work and checked to see when it was opening.. 10 minutes! So i just waited because i've wanted to make one for a bit. :)

you can find it here!

2 items that belong to me, an amazing dyed slip, some sandles that rock, and a few other summer themed items. Check it out! Definitely colorful.

Work was verrry short today! I think i'm going to give a coworker a mini relaxation set.. she is pregnant and always stressin! NO good for a baby.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just found the PERFECT NECKLACE!

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this necklace!! It is made by mannmadedesigns and I adore it!

The necklace even has a reversable side, so if you're not going for a green look, there is always blue to wear with that other outfit.

I'm in awe, there are so many beautiful pieces in the shop.. I highly suggest checking them out and giving them your heart!

In other news, Australia is A VERY LONG MOVIE!!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

MS walk goodness.

Last night John and I went to his parents house in preperation for this year's MS walk.
Basically, that means he and his friends as well as family all get REALLY hammered, puke, pass out, and get about 3 and a half hours worth of sleep before we have to leave for the actual walk!!
It was fun to watch all the guys make fools of themselves.. I can't actually drink, I have an allergy to alcohol!
It's not very fun, gotta say.
But I get the pleasure of remaining sober, and getting to laugh at everyone puking up half a bottle of Jack Danials.

Have I ever mentioned that my boyfriend's dad is the vice president of a motercycle club?! Maybe that explains a few things, hehe.

It's their tradition to celebrate and get drunk before the walk, then everyone walks for John's mother's team. She won the award for Largest Team this year!

Anyway, it was much shorter than I'd expected, but I was still soo tired afterward that I slept for about 4 hours afterward!

John and I just made burgers and chicken fingers, and we rented Australia from the redbox. Off to eat!!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Some Cute Finds!

Isn't this wall hanging ADORABLE! I can see exactly where i would put this on my wall at home.. If you like it, or ANYTHING PARIS, then you will looove ParischicBoutique.
Not only are the items in this shop completely awesome, they're affordable as well. You will find not only a $15 and under section, but a section filled with items for $5 or less.
That pretty much ROCKS.
Why not treat yourself to something that is not only cute, but won't break the bank!
I'll be updating later with some more affordable yet cute things for you to treat yourself with!

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New soap and a link to a friend

Just finished a new batch of soap! It's still in log form, need to cut it up and then make them pretty before i can list them or take photos.
I DID however, just list an ALL NATURAL soap! Using hemp oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor, mango butter, and coconut oil. It's pretty amazing, if i do say so myself!
The picture to the right is the hemp soap, all natural with a minty fresh invigorating scent. Check it out!

I just wanted to point everyone in the direction of a good friend of mine named Whitney. She's a wonderful girl, and she started her etsy career about the same time as i did. If you love anything cute, you should check out her earrings! She puts a lot of time and thought into these, and they're really just lovely. :)
Her items are just VERY bright and lovely. These magnets are my favorite, just putting it out there ;)

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