Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm still alive!

Hey guys, i just wanted to let you know i'm still alive! I was struggling with some personal issues and needed time to sort them out. I'm back, and my etsy shop is active again! Yay!

Hopefully i'll be listing new items, and posting in here with frequency again! I missed everyone, and hope you were all well in the last few months i was absent.

I'd love comments if you guys would like to leave them. what would you like to see me post about? More personal life? I've sort of become addicted to makeup lately, what about some of that crap? :P

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sugar Scub Cubes are In Stock!

I'm happy to introduce a new line of products to my shop! I recently started making Sugar Scrub Cubes made with hemp oil and real cane sugar.
These generously sized cubes are plenty to cut in half and use a few times!
Wonderful for a gift, or just the right treat to pamper yourself on cold winter nights in a nice warm bath.

Sugar Cookie scented Sugar Scrub Cubes also have Apricot Seed Powder for extra exfoliation! These smell just like a realy sugar cookie, just like my mother used to make. :) Sugar, dough, flour and butter blend together in a very heartwarming scent.

Royal Cherry Scrub Cubes are a wonderful luxurious gold color and smell of rich ripe cherries! A wonderful scrub that leave a light gold shimmer behind after use. :)

I absolutely want to EAT these sugar scrub cubes! White Truffle Raspberry Sugar Scrub Cubes were the first kind i created, and i love them so much! They're so absolutely to die for. I wish I could give these ones out to everyone I know!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Soap Making Process

I get people asking me all the time, "Is soap making difficult?"
I don't think so, however when i first started the whole process seemed SO daunting and difficult. But once i gave it a shot and actually tried it (okay, i tried it 4 times before my soap turned out right. True story.) it didn't seem so bad! You just need to get into a habit of doing things a certain way. It takes a lot of time and practice but eventually you can easily make soap without a problem. It's fun and you create a useful and practical product for yourself!

Here are some photos and i'll explain the process!

The first thing I do is put on gloves and protective eyewear. I didn't even think to take that photo until just now.. anyway, after I do this i pour my Lye into a container to measure it out.
I then measure my water out in a different container, and add the lye to this water. When I'm adding the lye, it's very important that i do not inhale and of the fumes from the lye. I usually cover my face with a bandana, then cover my face as i mix the lye mixture in a very airy area. I like to turn a fan on as well to try and get air circulation out a window when i'm making soap.

This is the mixture of lye and water cooling down.

I measure out my liquid oils into my mixing container.

Then i put solid oils in a separate container. Here are butters such as shea, cocoa butter, or mango butter.

Coconut oil as well.

After these oils have been melted i add them to the container with my liquid oils

After everything is at room temperature i add my cooled down lye water to the oil mixture. I do this slowly while mixing.

After all the lye water has been added and mixed into the soap i use a stick blender to mix it up well. When this happens the soap goes into a stage called "trace" where it thickens and starts to look like pudding. This photo shows the first signs of trace, or a Light Trace. I add scent to this soap usually at about this stage, and mix some more.

After all the mixing has been done i pour the soap into my lined mold with a bit left on the sides. I color the soap on the side 2 different colors then combine them into the main soap mold and swirl it around.

This is what a finished batch of soap looks like in the mold.

Unfortunately i messed up on this batch and the soap got weird spots in it, i didn't notice my lye had crystallized so the batch was off. :( Thats what you get for focusing on taking photos while making soap! Doh.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gifts for my Family & Friends!

Sea Blue Hand Knit Socks - Ladies size S/M - $18

These would be for my mother, because she is cursed just as I am with constantly freezing toes and fingers. Wools socks are her FAVORITE gift to receive because it seems she never has enough pairs.

8 oz Sugar Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark- $10

For my dad, since he's diabetic and isn't able to have sugar. He LOVES peanut butter fudge and this looks so yummy! I'm sure he'd happy eat this all up on christmas day.

Have You Been There/ original acrylic painting - $40

My friend Jenn would fall in love with this painting the moment her eyes laid upon it! I love the bold and dreamy style, and it's very psychedelic! A wonderful price for such a creative and artistic illustration, I am absolutely in awe of the style of this painter!

Franklin the Teal and White Striped Turtle - $7

This turtle is so cute! I absolutely adore it, and know that my best friend Liz would go crazy over it! The colors are so crisp and it looks to be very high quality. A WONDERFUL seller, as well! Liz is a turtle lover (and she has a pet tortoise!) so this is absolutely perfect for her.

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I'm so sorry! A quick update.

I'm sorry for my blog absence! I've been getting ready for the holiday, and preparing tons of wonderful treats for everyone to enjoy and give. :) Above is a photo of my new Peppermint Candy Whipped Soap! It smells just like a tasty candy cane or hard peppermint candy!

This item was featured on the front page of etsy!! The autumn soap trio, my Lemongrass Lavender bar, Dragon's blood, and Apple Cider shampoo bar. I was so shocked, i didn't even know! Thankfully a friend sent me a convo to let me know.

I just started making Glycerin soaps, so there are only a few but this one I am very proud of! It is scented with White Truffle Raspberry fragrance, and is so pretty and delicately colored!
I can't wait to get more of my glycerin soaps listed, I'm so very satisfied with the way they turned out.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Whipped soaps are coming soon!

I just tried my hand at Whipped soaps for the first time, and i absolutely love them! Just wanted to give you all a sneak peak of some products that are coming very soon to my etsy shop!

These are made similar to Cold Process soaps, however they're made at room temperature by whipping up solid oils and butters together, then adding the lye water.
This makes the soap a really cool whipped consistency and it can float in water because it's light and fluffy! These are great for children so they don't lose the soap in the tub, and i plan on making tons of wonderful fruity scents that most anyone is sure to enjoy. :D

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting in the Halloween Spirit.

I want to start this post off with this adorably sassy skirt by ZombieKittenO . This particular skirt features a spooked out kitty on a very flattering retro style pencil skirt. They also offer many different styles with bats, a coffin, and others! Only $65 plus shipping.

Isn't that creepy? It's a necklace made from vinyl! It was created by VonErickson and is available for only $15! Make a statement, or add the perfect touch to your spooky undead Halloween costume!
I will definitely admit that i really admire these necklaces! There are blood drippy necklaces as well! So creative and wonderful.

Not into dressing up? Why not celebrate in your own way at home, with some delicious Candy Corn Sugar Scrub Cubes! Take a long bath and relax with these (and hide them from the kids, they smell like candy!) There are available at HeathensHearth on etsy for $9 plus shipping.

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