Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm so sorry! A quick update.

I'm sorry for my blog absence! I've been getting ready for the holiday, and preparing tons of wonderful treats for everyone to enjoy and give. :) Above is a photo of my new Peppermint Candy Whipped Soap! It smells just like a tasty candy cane or hard peppermint candy!

This item was featured on the front page of etsy!! The autumn soap trio, my Lemongrass Lavender bar, Dragon's blood, and Apple Cider shampoo bar. I was so shocked, i didn't even know! Thankfully a friend sent me a convo to let me know.

I just started making Glycerin soaps, so there are only a few but this one I am very proud of! It is scented with White Truffle Raspberry fragrance, and is so pretty and delicately colored!
I can't wait to get more of my glycerin soaps listed, I'm so very satisfied with the way they turned out.

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daisyfleur said...

The white truffle soap is so pretty!

Unknown said...

the peppermint soap looks delish!