Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Shipping sale!

Hey everyone!
How's the summer going so far?

My boyfriend and i have been spending tons of lazy days together lately, soaking up the sun and enjoying cool drinks.. not to mention sticking to the leather couch!!

I did however, slip and fall the other day in my bedroom and cut my hand up pretty good on some glass. I also fell ontop of some things on the floor, so i have bruises on my side. :( Sore!

Lathersbylinds.etsy.com is Holding a Sale!
I'm currently holding a sale in my etsy store! I'm offering FREE SHIPPING from now until...
It's a secret! ;) It's only going to be up again a week, so i suggest taking advantage of this deal while you can! You'll get your bars of soap for around $5 each!
This is for USA residents only, but international buyers will only be charged $2!
Thats definately a steal. :)

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The weirdest thing! + a pictures of me.

I was just visiting the blog of one of my fellow etsy users, AllieRuth, when i noticed that she has a cat the looks exactly like my Cheech!
So i wanted to post a few pictures for you to see my adorable little baby, and maybe if you feel like it take a peak at AllieRuth's blog!

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Spearmint + Eucalytus & Sweet/Spicy Cinnamon

Two more new soaps again! Maybe i'll just list 2 a day or something! haha.

Sweet/Spicy Cinnamon was ment to be "Cinnamon roll" however, the roll part, and all of the glaze sort of went south for the winter. This is very close to Big Red, with less bite. There is a tiny hint of sugary vanilla, but juuust a hint! It's a great bar, even if the scent was a goof up. haha!

Spearmint + eucalyptus! This one is great for the lovers of minty, refreshing or invigorating scents! I loooooove this bar. My boyfriend was actually the one to suggest the scent and the color combo. :D

Like always, you can find these and other amazing handmade soaps in my etsy shop!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Creamsicle & Soft Sunflowers and Sunshine.

New soaps in my shop! I just listed these a few days ago.

These bars are both made with the same recipe, producing a nice hard bar with wonderful bubble and lather. This bar is the sort that produces the nice, larger bubbles instead of the thick foamy bars. I really like these! They both have hemp oil, as well as grapeseed & coconut oils!

My shipping methods are being adjusted, and hopefully the costs will be down to $2 for 1 bar of soap! That's a $1.50 savings on shipping! I hope to get my costs changed over tonight on all of my listings. Take a peak at my other soaps, and take advantage of my new, lower shipping price!

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Friday, June 26, 2009


So, my boyfriend and I are approaching our 1 year anniversary!

It's hard to be sneaky since we live together, so i've been looking around etsy for something to get him.

He mentioned perhaps a ring.. but i'm a little weary of getting one for him. He's never bought me a ring, just a weird teddy bear necklace. haha.
I do love it, btw ;)

Here are some of the ideas i've come up with.

This one is from ZoeAndDoyle and can be anodized a solid color! I think i would get this in a green color, his favorite colors are black and green.

This one is from SilverGarden, and i really love the leaf pattern! I'm not sure how into it john would be though, he's so hard to shop for!

These rings might be exactly what i'm looking for though! They come in a pair, and are made from the same piece of metal and treated so they match as much as possible. They're amazing looking! They're from JSurine and are actually the cheapest option as well!

Let me know what you think! I just don't know what to get him. I'm horrible at gifts! I couldn't give him soap, because he's always used them all lol.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Simple photo taking tips that COULD save you lots of grief!

One of my first photos for my listings on etsy!

I see, more often than i should, people worrying and second guessing the photos in their shop.
MANY times have I looked at my shop and thought to myself.. these photos are not what I want the world to see when they're looking at my product. I want my products to look amazing, as amazing as they actually are! People can only read my words, and look at my pictures when they're buying my soaps online, so I feel it's just so important to take accurate & appealing photos. I can never stress it enough.
A lot of times, I'll see people asking for critiquing, and the thing that sticks out the most are dull, flat photos. items shot from too far away in a dark place with no detail.. Blurry photos, dark photos, ones with excessive glare & reflections. These can be a problem and sometimes it takes a lot of time and patience to make it work. People won't buy if you can't show them what it is that they are purchasing!!
Photos are something that EVERYONE can work to improve, so here are a few little tiny tips you might not have thought of that can help out a ton when you're just getting started.
Keep in mind, I'm not photo expert myself! I have, however, improved with lots of help and practice and advice from other amazing sellers from Etsy. I hope my info can be just as useful to someone who might need it. :D

  • Take photos by a well lit window. Let the natural light come in! It is a very temper mental light source at times, but it's always free, it will always look natural, and it gives a very night white light that is essential for taking photos with accurate color. Earlier in the day is slightly brighter.
  • Use the MACRO setting on your camera, so that you will be able to capture the most detail possible. This setting works best WITHOUT flash, and a steady hand is needed. Tripods are also very handy when using this setting. Clear, sharp pictures with wonderful lighting, and no blur! You've already improved your photos greatly.
  • Try different colors behind your items. White works best generally, but sometimes other colors will suit your items best. Go for something that won't turn grainy or blotchy, because if you need to adjust the photo, some background colors just dooo not look good. Experiment.
  • Clean everything up, make your item spotless, sleek, and just darn presentable. No hairs, link, pet fur, stains.. none of those things are presentable on any item. It's just kinda grody! Would you want to buy a soap with hairs in it? uh, no! I don't want clothes of purses with hair, and for sure, Don't take pictures of you wearing something that is one of a kind, such as earrings! It just sort of freaks me, and a lot of other people out! I'd understand a bit better if they're vintage earrings, but one of a kind earrings, being worn.. ew. Sorry!
  • For items such as EARRINGS I would suggest hanging them from a glass or between something, on a wire or chopstick. Something that will show how they might dangle. For items like necklaces, having it draped in a book, on a glass, or over an edge looks great sometimes. Just play with positioning to find something that would really compliment the piece.
  • Don't make photos TOO loud with props, but try to keep nice simple things. Such as flowers, powders if they're in the product, herbs, maybe a book, a glass, something simple that can aid in the visual feel of the product.
  • Again, keep things light, bright, and in focus.
  • Don't zoom into the "digital" settings on your camera. It will usually let you know when it kicks into digital zoom. Usually photos zoomed in this much turn grainy, pixelated, and look a bit blury. Try to keep things in manual zoom, and if you need to be closer, move your own hiney closer instead of over-zoomin

After using the tips above, my photos look like this!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the WINNER! of my giveaway!

Congrats, to Aik Yin Chien for being the winner of my giveaway!

In addition to the advertised prize, the winner will recieve the "favorite soap" they emailed me about! Sneaky, right!? Aik will recieve the sample tin as well as 1 bar of Cocoa Grapefruit soap!

To make it fair, my boyfriend picked a number to select the winner of the contest, he didn't read any emails and didn't even see any of the names at all.

Thanks for all the emails from everyone, it's such a great feeling to get to hold a contest where I make people compliment me to enter. :D Check back very soon for the next great giveaway!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finds, lovely love finds!

Clothing is the theme of this post! And what a hoodie to kick it off with. I'm so envious, i tried to make a sweatshirt once in high school and it was a big mess. Way too short, the sleeves popped up at the seams.. yikes.
But this Bamboo Hoodie is nothing like my sad attempts! It rocks! Nice, warm, stretchy, and comfy! NOT to mention stylish. I want it! I also suggest taking a peak at the other items in the shop! There is an adorable dino hoodie for wee-ones.

Put down the peace pipe, and check this trippy top out! ;)
I love this, i want this, i think i may possibly BUY this is i can in a few days.. It's so me, it just screams my name!
& I know you all love it to, and with you could pull that amazing dye job off :D
Only $20, and the seller uses amazingly high quality dyes to ensure a long lasting, bright color that won't wash out or fade!

You've got a cute bum, right? So why not put them in cute bum holders? These panties will hold your cute bum right where it should be, while also being cute itself! These are sleak, very sexy looking, with just a dash of girly frill on the hips! This is probably my favorite style of panties, everrrr! :D There are other very suble and feminine panties in this sellers shop, i suggest you check them out!

& to top off this obviously hippy outfit i've put together, a pair of hemp everyday capris! So comfortable looking, super stretchy hemp/oranic cotton and lycra blend fabric in a ton of different color options! $52 but they look sooo worth it. I would never take these off.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick reminder on my giveaway!!

I've recieved my 100th sale, and in appreciation for all the support my customer give me, I am offering a FREE sample pack & Travel case to a lucky winner!

The SOAP SAMPLE pack include:
Watermelon Bubblegum
Not Your Momma's Guava
Pumpkin Spice Mocha
The Perfect Apple
Green Tea
Cherry Almond
& Manly Beer Soap
as well as 1 vintage travel case
Send an email to lathersby.linds@gmail.com
& let me know which bar is your favorite and why
& remember to follow this blog!!
I will announce the winner here when I receive 50 entries OR until the 22nd of June.

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Advertising on this blog!

I am proud to announce that I am now offering ad space through Project Wonderful!
If anyone would like to advertise, the spots are free right now! They're the square, and i only have


So hurry on and get your space on my page while it lasts! :D

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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Sellers #1: LaurasJewellery

Let me introduce to you, LaurasJewellery @ Etsy.com!
She has a fun, colorful, very hip style that I just love! There are also tons of different items to choose from! Necklaces, phone charms, earrings & pins!

These game controller earrings are my personal fave!

How did you first discover Etsy?

I first discovered Etsy through eBay. I had been a seller and a buyer on eBay for a few years when my favourite supply shop disappeared… she had discovered Etsy and so I followed the trend. I started Etsy under a different name about 2 years ago, but I had no branding and was a bit all over the place. So, in June 2008, ‘LaurasJewellery’ was born with some funky graphics created by my designer boyfriend!

Where do you find the inspiration for your pieces?

I get inspiration from everywhere, I like to go to charity shops and rummage sales and find knick knacks that I can make into jewellery.

Which is your favorite piece, still in stock or sold?

I love the pink flamingo cameo necklace at the moment. I do change my mind quite often though depending what mood I’m in.

Something silly and random and funny about yourself?

I like to craft while watching soaps on TV. I always find my creative juices are flowing then.

Any favorite sellers?

Yes, FashionFauxPas.etsy.com She sells the grooviest cards!

Where can I find Laura?
Great question! You can find her at her SHOP!

(Laura says "I love making things and as a result I have lots and lots of earrings and phone charms that I use for free gifts when you buy from me! So if you want a freebie, you know where to come")

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Being Seen, my first attempt.

Being seen on Etsy, or anywhere else on the internet can be difficult sometimes. We all know this, but do we all know what we can do to BE SEEN? I am by no means an expert, but here are some tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way that maybe he helpful to newer users on Etsy, or most any other site for that matter.
These are not "tried and true" these are just some of the things I do every day to help my shop get a little more notice.

  • List items often! By doing this, you will be placed at the top of the search results! But remember, your item may be quickly buried under other people's items. So when should you list? I try to list at different times. Instead of coming home from work each night at 10 and list, try listing first thing in the morning. Then the next time, try to list in the middle of the day. This will allow people that aren't normally on the same time as you the chance to see your items in the searches!
  • Try to CREATE as often as possible. DAILY is best. The more you create, the more you can list, the more people can search, and the more people can buy! Creating has so many wonderful advantages. DON'T let yourself become lazy because "no one is buying!" It might be a slow time for shopping in GENERAL so just because you're not seeing sales does not mean you should stop. Dedication is key! You will also become BETTER at your craft, and start making things of better quality!
  • Connect with people! Try to have REAL conversations with customers. Get to know them. Find out what they like and maybe suggest something based off of this. The better you know who is buying from you, the more likely you are to make a sale! Oh, you have a child age 6 who likes baths and toys? Why, i'm sure they'd love this bath fizzie with a surprise toy inside!!
  • Advertise! (on social networks) Now, i'm not telling you to buy a full page in COSMO or anything here. Advertising comes in ALL forms! A lot of people like to go the social media route which is pretty effective. ONLY if you tye it in with the above suggestions though! Connect with them on these social media sites and it's 100% free advertising! Twitter, facebook, blogger, We love etsy, mixxmade, byhand, craftster, live journal, deviantart, any of these places are acceptable to post about the items you create. PLEASE be careful not to be spamming on these platforms! Throw in things about yourself, what you ate for dinner, if your dog did something silly, if you got a promotion at work, if you're getting married!
  • Advertise! (some more!) You thought that would be enough?! NO WAY! You have to work that little hiney of yours off to make the sales baby. It will not come overnight. Advertise, advertise, advertise! Pass out business cards, put ads in the local classifieds, sell at the farmers market or local festivals. SPONSER anything if you can afford to. There are some sites that are a waste, and while craftcult and craftopolis are wonderful resources, the advertising is less than worth it. Try your hand at using Project Wonderful! They offer cheap ads (a few cents!) and you can find the site that works for you! They offer tons of sizes for your banners, and there are SO many places you can advertise. Definitely find you target market for this one.
  • Don't be ashamed of what you do! Some people won't tell their friends or family what they are creating and selling, and that is a shame!! Tell EVERYONE in the WORLD what you do. Know why? It's 2 hours before your friend is going to their in laws house.. oh no! They have no gift! What is fast, and easy.. oh, I know! Suzie told me she makes flower arrangements last week! Thats perfect! THIS. Happens! A. LOT! The day before mother's day, i sold more than $200 worth of soap, because my friends had forgotten. They all came to me because they knew i would help them pick something out that their mothers would really love! What mom doesn't like handmade soaps?! If they hadn't known, they would have gone to wal-mart, or the drug store and found something a lot different. Like i said, tell everyone!!
  • Give them something to LOOK AT! Even if bright and loud isn't your style, you can still create items that make a statement. Try bold contrasts, or singular rich colors. Try to take photos with awesome light then fiddle with it till the photos really pop! Having at least 1 VERY eye catching item can help get you the attention you want for your shop. Maybe someone saw that one and found your shop, but then fell in love with a different piece. It happens often.
  • Do Giveaways and Special Offers These kind of promotions will draw the people that would probably have little interest in your shop! Maybe your items would be just outside of a person's price range regularly. If you offer a giveaway or a sale, this gives those buys the chance to find out if they really love your product or not! You MIGHT end up even having something they like so much, that they'd be willing to pay the little extra for it. Giveaways can also help increase blog traffic, which will in turn increase your shop traffic!

Let me know if there is anything I am missing! This is my first time trying to write tips for sellers so please let me know if any of there were helpful at all. Thanks everyone! Happy sales.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Neat Finds!

Doesn't this look cool? GeekGear sells a bunch of these cool things! They are Mason Jars that have a rainbow light inside! It transitions through all the colors pictured. You can find this particular light HERE for $17.99! I am looking into getting one for my bedroom.

The shop also offers other cool, geeky items! A pencil holder made from 3 1/2" floppy discs, photo frames made out of sticks of memory, as well as some crazy clocks made out of keyboards! You will absolutely find something neat for the geek in you ;)

Oh, do i spot a theme here?!

THIS necklace is by the wonderful halibuvalley is so cute! Perfect, simple, colorful, and best of all recycled! I love creating things out of items that have no other use, it's awesome! A great way to be green, and keep your green as well! Right now this wonderful necklace is only $2 on sale! Snag it up while it is still there!!

So, I know this one isn't RECYCLED, but who can resist the Kitty?! This beauty is by NemesisProductions; Scented with Warm Vanilla Sugar, and personally I drool over her shop ALL THE TIME! When you check her out, don't just visit this soap's page, but take a look at all the other items she has to offer! Scrubs, soaps, Bath fizzies, as well as photography!!

Oookay, that is all for now folks! PLEASE check out these amazing shops! These are just items i've had in my favorites for a while a wanted to share, none of these sellers asked me to write about their shops at all! SO with that, please do not ask. I like to find shops at random or just things i love and write about them. maybe if you see cool things from OTHER people i will do a quick write up about them. :D It's always better to be surprised then to plan it, isn't it?!

Also, remember to enter my giveaway!

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Citrus Morning, perfect for the AM

My newest creation! Citrus Morning hemp soap, perfect for waking up and smelling the OJ! And the grapefruit, and the lime, and the lemon. haha!
It's perfect! check it out here!
I made some aaaamazing mango peach and lemon salsa scented soap last night! It will be posted soon for you all to admire, but it smells good enough to eat. Actually, my friend Kegan did try to eat it! LOL
Also, i want to thank all those that entered the contest, and remind everyone that it's still open! You can find instructions on how to enter here!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't forget to ENTER!


Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

You can find it HERE! & It's so easy to enter! All you have to do it send an email to

Lathersby.linds@gmail.com and tell me which scent in my shop is your FAVORITE and a little tiny explanation as to why!

Easy as that.

And the prize?!

A cute travel tin stuffed with soap samples! try a bunch! I can barely close the lid on that sucker!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Office Daydream - A Rocking Treasury

I was included in another cool treasury created by Bloodlesscoup! It features items that are red and black, i love the look.

This dress is amazingly beautiful.. I'm so envious, i could only image wearing that dress to a ball or big event. Dancing with famous, beautiful actors or sitting with the sexy rock stars at an awards show. You can't say you don't see it when you look at this dress ;)

It must be said that the quality is beyond belief! Truly a stunner for sure.

The jewelry selection features is also something to admire! The whole feel is elegant, classy.
The earrings to the left are from SpoolDesign and you can find them Here! For only $11.50.
Show your support and click on the links, browse the shops, and leave a comment on the treasury!
Any comments can be left here as well, was there another item in the treasury that you loved?!

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Enter To WIN! Travel case and sample soaps!


I've recieved my 100th sale, and in appreciation for all the support my customer give me, I am offering a FREE sample pack & Travel case to a lucky winner!

The SOAP SAMPLE pack include:

Watermelon Bubblegum

Not Your Momma's Guava

Pumpkin Spice Mocha

The Perfect Apple

Green Tea

Cherry Almond

& Manly Beer Soap

as well as 1 vintage travel case


Send an email to lathersby.linds@gmail.com

& let me know which bar is your favorite and why

& remember to follow this blog!!

I will announce the winner here when I receive 50 entries OR until the 22nd of June.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Newest soap! It's called Manly Beer!

I call this, manly beer! It's scented with sandlewood & a hint of orange, and the soap is made with real Coors beer! It smells like beer, then when you use it the sandlewood really comes out. it smells great! Turned out a lot better than I though it would.
I think i'm going to be doing a giveaway soon, would you be interested in winning Manly Beer as a prize?! Let me know!

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