Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Vendor Event: Seattle Hempfest!

Every year, hundreds (thousands maybe?!) show up in Seattle at Myrtle-Edwards park to support a cause they believe very strongly about. Not only is it a protest, but it's equally a festivial (refered to as a Protestival) and celebration. Everyone is excited to see the speakers, bands, and political figures that show up to make Seattle Hempfest what it really is!

Well, this year I've purchased a booth!! This is my first event/show/fair, and I will openly admit that I am scared poopless. I barely have the supplies to run a booth! Borrowing a canopy and tables, and i'm going to use sheets to cover the tables. Cardboard boxes will probably help with displaying my items, and my sign is probably going to be painted by hand as opposed to a fancy printed vynle one.
I'm so very lucky, though, to have many very supportive friends that will be helping me achieve this every step of the way. Everyone in my life is being very reassuring, reminding me that "Everyone loves your soaps, you'll do fine" but, the fear can't be helped!!!
I'm an inexperienced 19 year old going out into the big big world and selling my name and my products to a tonnn of strangers!
Hopefully people will dig this young, thrown together feel. It's my first shot, but I'm so determined to make this amazing. I know the wonderful, amazing girls that will being attending with my (a coworker, Krystal, and a great friend of mine, Whitney!)

With my first event just around the corning, I'll have my shop down for a bit. It actually may not come back up until late August, early September because of the cure time for Cold Process soaps. I'll possibly save one bar of each soap here at my house while i'm at the event, so i have some items around to keep the thing open, but i've not yet decided yet. It really depends on how things go at the event!!

When i do return, though, EXPECT SOME GREAT THINGS! I'm planning to roll out a few additional Bath and Body products that I do not currently offer. Some ideas may include bath fizzies, chapsticks, body frostings, foamy sugar scrubs, etc.
Also, there will be a whole packaging revamp! My items will be much more professionally presented ( + super cute.)
I also intend to include a lot more scents and varieties of soaps. More shaving soaps, hemp soaps, and other recipes with scent available in more than one recipe.

So please excuse my absense for a bit, but when i come back, expect some AMAZING things!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Man Post!

HELLO everyone! Today's theme is "Gifts for Men". I've been thinking a lot about what to get my boyfriend for his upcoming birthday, and our upcoming anniversary! So enjoy this hand picked selection of gifts for the men in your life!

This clock is from 8milecreekdesigns, and it is made from a 1965 Ford Mustang! Neat, right? I'm thinking that John would love this! It's on sale right now, only $45. I know my dad would adore of one these as well, since he's always had mustangs and been a huge fan of that type of car.

Check out these fantastic Steampunk Cufflinks! Perfect for dressing up while maintaining your own individual self, these intricate cufflinks are perfect for men! (Or women that like cufflinks!) And at $23.99 these can fit into anyone's budget. You can find these and other great items from WhiteFlagDesigns.

These Mustache Pint Glasses are sure to tickle anyone's fancy! Mustache or no, now you can look totally classy while chuggin a pint! You know your boyfriend, dad, or a certain friend would love these more than they probably should. :D

Only $28.00 from BreadandBadger

Small and simple, but what guy doesn't love a good zombie flick/video game?! They're all about the undead, it seems. haha! Give this to every zombie hunter you know, and they'll always keep you safe from the brain sucking, flesh eating creatures!

Only $1.85 from familyofbears

When a man gets clean, he doesn't need pretty, colorful soaps! He needs something that will CLEAN him and do it darn right! "A woodsy mix of basil, juniper, lemon, sandalwood and patchouli" sounds pretty manly as well!! No wonder this soap is called Mountain Man!! This moisturizing shave soaps will go perfectly with the dirty mess that every man seems to make of themselves. Oh well, we love the sweaty dudes.

Only $3.75 from mountainmamachic

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting in Shape.

One thing I feel has always been a week point for me is getting into shape, staying fit, and eating healthy. There is always just a little extra weight that i wouldn't mind getting rid.

I was on a pretty great roll back in February, using a site called My Calorie Counter but when i moved into my new place things went crazy. Money got tighter and we went grocery shopping less and less, started hitting up the Wendy's dollar menu, the BK dollar menu. This really took it's toll on my body. I gained weight, and i think that now i'm at the heaviest i've ever been.

NOW, this is not to say i really find myself "fat." I just know that i could be so much healthier than i am right now! My family has always had a very hard time with weight and there are also health risks my parents have that i need to be aware of! My dad is diabetic, has heart problems, and high blood preasure.
The best way to help prevent these health issues for myself will be eating a well balanced diet, paired with regular exercise!
So i sort of owe it to myself to really buckle down and take my own health serious.
I will say that i'll NEVER give up my wendy's spicy chicken sandwich, though. no way!

I'm trying to make this fun for myself, though. Yesterday my boyfriend and i spent about a half hour hunting around the produce section at our local grocery store. We bought celery, these weird Sweet Tree fruits, a yummy Asian Salad mix, Baby Carrots, Pomegranate Lemonade, and Pomegranate Blueberry juice. they're all so yummy! Oh yeah, and we got a ton of KIWIS too!
Strawberries as well. :D We ended up caving and buying coffees and a donut each though. Just as a farewell haha!!
That night we had these awesome lean Pepper steaks and john cooked them so well! They're pretty good for you too.
I really enjoy spending time with my man, and making our meals so this will perhaps bring my relationship with my boyfriend to a healthier place as well.

In addition i've rented a few work out videos from netflix! They should be slowly arriving come monday! The first video in the list is a Carmen Electra Aerobic Strip Tease video! and i really think it looks interesting! There were tons of pretty good reviews but from the sounds of it it might not be a really great one to do routinely. It just seems like a fun video to kick off my work out kick. Another one in the list is "Bollywood Belly" where you dance to upbeat music like in bollywood films!! It sounds like it'll be very energetic and perhaps a better REAL workout for me. My tummy could use a toning, thats for sure. ;)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chocolate-Banana Cream pie?! Where?

Doesn't that look good? The smell of fresh bananas and super creamy chocolate with a tasty crust.. Plenty of vanilla and cream to go around..

Okay, it's not pie. It's my newest soap! It smells so real, my boyfriend almost tried to take a bite when he saw it. haha, silly guy. He's a know soap licker, though ;)

I love the new recipe i used for it, too. It's so smooth and silky, leaves your skin feeling moisturized and completely refreshed.
It's no wonder it feels so fantastic, it's full of natural oils and butters known to make your skin feel amazing! Shea butter and mango butter to make your skin super soft, many customers explain to me that they don't even need to lotion their "extremely dry skin" after showering or baths!

On a similar note, a very pleased customer left me this testimonial in a message!

"I have seriously dry skin and before I started using soap from Lathers By Linds I would have to put on tons of lotion after my shower in order to feel soft and moisturized. I was a bit skeptical at first about trying soap from Linds cause she does bar soaps and they usually dry my skin out even worse, but one day I just decided "Okay...i'm gonna give these a try...they look so pretty". After getting them home and trying them out I was hooked instantly. My skin felt so amazingly soft and moisturized after my shower that I didn't even need to use lotion. I lovelovelove her hemp soaps and I can honestly say I don't think i'll ever go back to using anything else. She has a customer for life in me for sure."

- A real customer, peacefrogdesigns

Of course she was using my Soft Sunflowers & Sunshine hemp bar!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Satisfied me!

I got mail today!! It was something i was very much looking forward to, so i was really excited when i saw the mailman today. :D Ran out and checked it as soon as he drove off.

I was from xneoncanvas AAAAND it was the stamper i'd ordered from her just 2 days before! She got it here super fast, and the envelope was so cute! I busted it open and there was a lovely little note for me, and a business card! (which i collect for future reference!)
I was so excited to get my stamp that i needed to use it immediately!

And, well, a great friend of mine was in need of a good letter so I tested it out on my cute new stationary (and i got new pens too.. maybe i went a little crazy. ink pad too? hah!) and it is just PERFECT! I love it, it's so cute and looks exactly like the photo in the listing.
She even makes them as you order them, so she send me a convo asking me the size i wanted!

Overall, i was extremely satisfied with this wonderful purchase (not to mention affordly priced & adorable!) and i highly recommend that you all take a peek at xneoncanva's shop! Great service and great products!
She also offers stamp business cards and other custom stamps to meet your stampy needs!
I myself plan on contacting her to make a stamp to use in my soap packaging!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A giveaway!

This time, not mine! But really awesome. :)

You can find all the details HERE!
"I am giving away a custom stamped sterling silver ring of your choice of size, font, and finish!"
The winner will be chosen after the blog hits 120 followers, and there is only 1 more to go! check it out!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Been a GREAT week.

So this week has been really great for me!
I went from 111 sales to 130 in 2 or 3 days!
I'm taking part in a sale right now, and i think that might be the cause. :)
I was also featuredin a treasury, and a few of my customers tweeted about me on twitter.

It's really nice cause i've been pretty down lately.
I'll have money to buy more supplies for hempfest!

I had 245 bars of soap when i took count today, but i sold some so we might be a little less than that. Hopefully the total will be close to 300 in a few days!
Have to make a ton of soaps by August 15th!

Wish me luck everyone, and please take a peak at my shop! There is agreat deal going on right now, free shipping on all orders. Limited time only!

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