Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gifts for my Family & Friends!

Sea Blue Hand Knit Socks - Ladies size S/M - $18

These would be for my mother, because she is cursed just as I am with constantly freezing toes and fingers. Wools socks are her FAVORITE gift to receive because it seems she never has enough pairs.

8 oz Sugar Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark- $10

For my dad, since he's diabetic and isn't able to have sugar. He LOVES peanut butter fudge and this looks so yummy! I'm sure he'd happy eat this all up on christmas day.

Have You Been There/ original acrylic painting - $40

My friend Jenn would fall in love with this painting the moment her eyes laid upon it! I love the bold and dreamy style, and it's very psychedelic! A wonderful price for such a creative and artistic illustration, I am absolutely in awe of the style of this painter!

Franklin the Teal and White Striped Turtle - $7

This turtle is so cute! I absolutely adore it, and know that my best friend Liz would go crazy over it! The colors are so crisp and it looks to be very high quality. A WONDERFUL seller, as well! Liz is a turtle lover (and she has a pet tortoise!) so this is absolutely perfect for her.

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alexkeller said...

might have to pick up a pair of those socks - my toes are always freezing, too! and the soap - YUM!

LEFTZ said...

How adorable is that turtle! I want to just squeeze him ;)

Angie said...

That turtle is too cute!

Abbie said...

what a cute turtle! love the eyes. :D