Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spearmint + Eucalytus & Sweet/Spicy Cinnamon

Two more new soaps again! Maybe i'll just list 2 a day or something! haha.

Sweet/Spicy Cinnamon was ment to be "Cinnamon roll" however, the roll part, and all of the glaze sort of went south for the winter. This is very close to Big Red, with less bite. There is a tiny hint of sugary vanilla, but juuust a hint! It's a great bar, even if the scent was a goof up. haha!

Spearmint + eucalyptus! This one is great for the lovers of minty, refreshing or invigorating scents! I loooooove this bar. My boyfriend was actually the one to suggest the scent and the color combo. :D

Like always, you can find these and other amazing handmade soaps in my etsy shop!

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the spearmint soap is very cool for the looks good enough to eat!!