Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Neat Finds!

Doesn't this look cool? GeekGear sells a bunch of these cool things! They are Mason Jars that have a rainbow light inside! It transitions through all the colors pictured. You can find this particular light HERE for $17.99! I am looking into getting one for my bedroom.

The shop also offers other cool, geeky items! A pencil holder made from 3 1/2" floppy discs, photo frames made out of sticks of memory, as well as some crazy clocks made out of keyboards! You will absolutely find something neat for the geek in you ;)

Oh, do i spot a theme here?!

THIS necklace is by the wonderful halibuvalley is so cute! Perfect, simple, colorful, and best of all recycled! I love creating things out of items that have no other use, it's awesome! A great way to be green, and keep your green as well! Right now this wonderful necklace is only $2 on sale! Snag it up while it is still there!!

So, I know this one isn't RECYCLED, but who can resist the Kitty?! This beauty is by NemesisProductions; Scented with Warm Vanilla Sugar, and personally I drool over her shop ALL THE TIME! When you check her out, don't just visit this soap's page, but take a look at all the other items she has to offer! Scrubs, soaps, Bath fizzies, as well as photography!!

Oookay, that is all for now folks! PLEASE check out these amazing shops! These are just items i've had in my favorites for a while a wanted to share, none of these sellers asked me to write about their shops at all! SO with that, please do not ask. I like to find shops at random or just things i love and write about them. maybe if you see cool things from OTHER people i will do a quick write up about them. :D It's always better to be surprised then to plan it, isn't it?!

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Nemesis_Productions said...

Thanks so much for posting my soap! It's always such a HUGE compliment when another soap maker likes your stuff.