Saturday, June 13, 2009

Citrus Morning, perfect for the AM

My newest creation! Citrus Morning hemp soap, perfect for waking up and smelling the OJ! And the grapefruit, and the lime, and the lemon. haha!
It's perfect! check it out here!
I made some aaaamazing mango peach and lemon salsa scented soap last night! It will be posted soon for you all to admire, but it smells good enough to eat. Actually, my friend Kegan did try to eat it! LOL
Also, i want to thank all those that entered the contest, and remind everyone that it's still open! You can find instructions on how to enter here!

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Anonymous said...

oh wow it sounds and looks soo good!!

Anonymous said...

looks like morning sun, mist and waves..AM indeed:D

lathersbylinds said...

Aw thank you mia! I'm rather proud of this one. :)

Anonymous said...

oh and you should be proud:) this cutie is real eye catcher!