Thursday, June 25, 2009

Simple photo taking tips that COULD save you lots of grief!

One of my first photos for my listings on etsy!

I see, more often than i should, people worrying and second guessing the photos in their shop.
MANY times have I looked at my shop and thought to myself.. these photos are not what I want the world to see when they're looking at my product. I want my products to look amazing, as amazing as they actually are! People can only read my words, and look at my pictures when they're buying my soaps online, so I feel it's just so important to take accurate & appealing photos. I can never stress it enough.
A lot of times, I'll see people asking for critiquing, and the thing that sticks out the most are dull, flat photos. items shot from too far away in a dark place with no detail.. Blurry photos, dark photos, ones with excessive glare & reflections. These can be a problem and sometimes it takes a lot of time and patience to make it work. People won't buy if you can't show them what it is that they are purchasing!!
Photos are something that EVERYONE can work to improve, so here are a few little tiny tips you might not have thought of that can help out a ton when you're just getting started.
Keep in mind, I'm not photo expert myself! I have, however, improved with lots of help and practice and advice from other amazing sellers from Etsy. I hope my info can be just as useful to someone who might need it. :D

  • Take photos by a well lit window. Let the natural light come in! It is a very temper mental light source at times, but it's always free, it will always look natural, and it gives a very night white light that is essential for taking photos with accurate color. Earlier in the day is slightly brighter.
  • Use the MACRO setting on your camera, so that you will be able to capture the most detail possible. This setting works best WITHOUT flash, and a steady hand is needed. Tripods are also very handy when using this setting. Clear, sharp pictures with wonderful lighting, and no blur! You've already improved your photos greatly.
  • Try different colors behind your items. White works best generally, but sometimes other colors will suit your items best. Go for something that won't turn grainy or blotchy, because if you need to adjust the photo, some background colors just dooo not look good. Experiment.
  • Clean everything up, make your item spotless, sleek, and just darn presentable. No hairs, link, pet fur, stains.. none of those things are presentable on any item. It's just kinda grody! Would you want to buy a soap with hairs in it? uh, no! I don't want clothes of purses with hair, and for sure, Don't take pictures of you wearing something that is one of a kind, such as earrings! It just sort of freaks me, and a lot of other people out! I'd understand a bit better if they're vintage earrings, but one of a kind earrings, being worn.. ew. Sorry!
  • For items such as EARRINGS I would suggest hanging them from a glass or between something, on a wire or chopstick. Something that will show how they might dangle. For items like necklaces, having it draped in a book, on a glass, or over an edge looks great sometimes. Just play with positioning to find something that would really compliment the piece.
  • Don't make photos TOO loud with props, but try to keep nice simple things. Such as flowers, powders if they're in the product, herbs, maybe a book, a glass, something simple that can aid in the visual feel of the product.
  • Again, keep things light, bright, and in focus.
  • Don't zoom into the "digital" settings on your camera. It will usually let you know when it kicks into digital zoom. Usually photos zoomed in this much turn grainy, pixelated, and look a bit blury. Try to keep things in manual zoom, and if you need to be closer, move your own hiney closer instead of over-zoomin

After using the tips above, my photos look like this!

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First Light Glass said...

Great tips! The right pictures really make a difference!

missknits said...

thanks for the great tips! i'm constantly tweaking my photos!

your soaps look awesome by the way!

lathersbylinds said...

Missknits i've no idea the number i've times i've redone my photos! Takes a lot of work and practice, thats for sure. I'm jealous of all the people out there that effortlessly do it!

Jerri said...

excellent advice

doubleknittwins said...

Great tips!! :)