Monday, June 15, 2009

The Sellers #1: LaurasJewellery

Let me introduce to you, LaurasJewellery @!
She has a fun, colorful, very hip style that I just love! There are also tons of different items to choose from! Necklaces, phone charms, earrings & pins!

These game controller earrings are my personal fave!

How did you first discover Etsy?

I first discovered Etsy through eBay. I had been a seller and a buyer on eBay for a few years when my favourite supply shop disappeared… she had discovered Etsy and so I followed the trend. I started Etsy under a different name about 2 years ago, but I had no branding and was a bit all over the place. So, in June 2008, ‘LaurasJewellery’ was born with some funky graphics created by my designer boyfriend!

Where do you find the inspiration for your pieces?

I get inspiration from everywhere, I like to go to charity shops and rummage sales and find knick knacks that I can make into jewellery.

Which is your favorite piece, still in stock or sold?

I love the pink flamingo cameo necklace at the moment. I do change my mind quite often though depending what mood I’m in.

Something silly and random and funny about yourself?

I like to craft while watching soaps on TV. I always find my creative juices are flowing then.

Any favorite sellers?

Yes, She sells the grooviest cards!

Where can I find Laura?
Great question! You can find her at her SHOP!

(Laura says "I love making things and as a result I have lots and lots of earrings and phone charms that I use for free gifts when you buy from me! So if you want a freebie, you know where to come")

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Very cool jewellery!!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Clever.Nice presentation.

Creative Cards said...

Aww! I love Laura'sJewellery! Got my eye on a few things - so fun!


LillyShayStyle said...

Wonderful interview, she's a creative sort of gal ;)

I have an award for you on my blog!

lathersbylinds said...

Aw, no way! I will check it out dear!