Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finds, lovely love finds!

Clothing is the theme of this post! And what a hoodie to kick it off with. I'm so envious, i tried to make a sweatshirt once in high school and it was a big mess. Way too short, the sleeves popped up at the seams.. yikes.
But this Bamboo Hoodie is nothing like my sad attempts! It rocks! Nice, warm, stretchy, and comfy! NOT to mention stylish. I want it! I also suggest taking a peak at the other items in the shop! There is an adorable dino hoodie for wee-ones.

Put down the peace pipe, and check this trippy top out! ;)
I love this, i want this, i think i may possibly BUY this is i can in a few days.. It's so me, it just screams my name!
& I know you all love it to, and with you could pull that amazing dye job off :D
Only $20, and the seller uses amazingly high quality dyes to ensure a long lasting, bright color that won't wash out or fade!

You've got a cute bum, right? So why not put them in cute bum holders? These panties will hold your cute bum right where it should be, while also being cute itself! These are sleak, very sexy looking, with just a dash of girly frill on the hips! This is probably my favorite style of panties, everrrr! :D There are other very suble and feminine panties in this sellers shop, i suggest you check them out!

& to top off this obviously hippy outfit i've put together, a pair of hemp everyday capris! So comfortable looking, super stretchy hemp/oranic cotton and lycra blend fabric in a ton of different color options! $52 but they look sooo worth it. I would never take these off.

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Soyun Park said...

I love hemp. It is my passion. :) Oh, I love the pants so much.

First Light Glass said...

I love that crazy fun shirt!

nomadcraftsetc said...

That hoodie is so freaking awesome! And I wish my bum would fit in those panties. They are adorable on the model! :)