Friday, April 3, 2009

New soap and a link to a friend

Just finished a new batch of soap! It's still in log form, need to cut it up and then make them pretty before i can list them or take photos.
I DID however, just list an ALL NATURAL soap! Using hemp oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor, mango butter, and coconut oil. It's pretty amazing, if i do say so myself!
The picture to the right is the hemp soap, all natural with a minty fresh invigorating scent. Check it out!

I just wanted to point everyone in the direction of a good friend of mine named Whitney. She's a wonderful girl, and she started her etsy career about the same time as i did. If you love anything cute, you should check out her earrings! She puts a lot of time and thought into these, and they're really just lovely. :)
Her items are just VERY bright and lovely. These magnets are my favorite, just putting it out there ;)

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