Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Didn't go as planned

Today didn't go as planned at all! John had to go into work, after we'd just rented movies for us to watch tonight when our friend came over to visit. Dang!!
So our friend came over and spent some time with me here, while i made a batch of soap.
I used cleminite and cream scent, as well as an herbal blend made by Crossroadsconjure infused in olive oil.
Somehow, this batch turned out perfectly. Everything went smooth, the colors blended amazingly, and it smells just FANTASTIC! I think this soap just may have a bit of luck! It looks like tie dyed soap, really.

The other batch I made after my guest went home, was scented with Guava, Green Apple, Acai, and mangosteen. It's juicy! Plain color with rich red purple swirls, seeds in the red soap for exfoliation.

I can't wait to unmold! They're both gel right now, so tomorrow will be the most exciting part! Haha, I love making sooap.

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