Saturday, April 4, 2009

MS walk goodness.

Last night John and I went to his parents house in preperation for this year's MS walk.
Basically, that means he and his friends as well as family all get REALLY hammered, puke, pass out, and get about 3 and a half hours worth of sleep before we have to leave for the actual walk!!
It was fun to watch all the guys make fools of themselves.. I can't actually drink, I have an allergy to alcohol!
It's not very fun, gotta say.
But I get the pleasure of remaining sober, and getting to laugh at everyone puking up half a bottle of Jack Danials.

Have I ever mentioned that my boyfriend's dad is the vice president of a motercycle club?! Maybe that explains a few things, hehe.

It's their tradition to celebrate and get drunk before the walk, then everyone walks for John's mother's team. She won the award for Largest Team this year!

Anyway, it was much shorter than I'd expected, but I was still soo tired afterward that I slept for about 4 hours afterward!

John and I just made burgers and chicken fingers, and we rented Australia from the redbox. Off to eat!!

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