Sunday, April 12, 2009

California Dreamin!!

Tomorrow evening, my boyfriend and I are leaving for CALI!!
We're going to be camping in the redwood forest, visit disneyland or hollywood adventures, hang out with some friends in LA and possibly Sanfran, and visit as many beaches as we can.
I'm soo excited, and I'm bringing my camera! There will be pictures, for sure.
I also hope to buy some gifts for friends as well as any amazing fabrics or soap supplies i happen to find. Herbs or botanicals, maybe tea blends or spiritual herb and root blends.

I'm actually in the planning stages of soaps that have herbs with a "purpose"! I found some "cast out evil" "lucky" "fortune" kind of herbal blends that are straight plant matter, nothing added. I'd love to use essencial oils and throw some extra fine ground herbs in my soaps, to create soaps that will help to not only improve your SKIN, but the spirital aspects of your life as well.. Soaps that can help improve your life in ALL areas.

Do you think you'd buy a spiritual herbal blend soap? Or think it's interesting, at least.

Anyway, boyfriend is home with dinner! Happy easter to all!

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