Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My perrfect kitty, Cheech!

I love this kitty! He's such a little butt head.

John and I got Cheech just after we'd moved into out new house. We were looking in the newspaper, and there was only one ad for cats. Free young male cat. Fixed, shots, no fees!

We called the lady up, and she seemed SUPER out there, ya know? Space case! She rattled off the directions faster than you could image.

We got lost trying to find the house and had to call her again to find the way!

When we got there, we brought a cat carrier in with us to take our baby home, but the lady said no! She got out an old pillow case, threw the cat in, and twisted the bag up while handing it to us!!! She said he'd be more "comfortable" in it instead of the "LITTLE JAIL!"

Some people are nuts.

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