Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm home!!

Hey everyone, i just got home from cali! It was so beautiful, and so HOT!
My boyfriend and I visited Disneyland, as well as california adventure.
We stayed in a really nice best western that had a 24 hour pool and hot tub, though the pool was probably around 35 degrees the whole time. WAY TOO COLD!!
The picture is of my boyfriend at Cape Blanco in Oregon! We camped there for a night on the way down. The cabin we got was so nice, and only $35 for the night. It had a queen bed, and a bunk bed with a little night stand, a table, 2 chairs, lights and electric as well as a heater! So it was campin made easy. The picture is taken on a cliff that we could get to from a little train right behind our cabin. SO PRETTY! There were rocks in the distance that looked like a turtle and a whale hanging out. haha.
Anyway, we're off to print some pictures and get lunch, as well as to deliver some soap to my momma.

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