Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Vendor Event: Seattle Hempfest!

Every year, hundreds (thousands maybe?!) show up in Seattle at Myrtle-Edwards park to support a cause they believe very strongly about. Not only is it a protest, but it's equally a festivial (refered to as a Protestival) and celebration. Everyone is excited to see the speakers, bands, and political figures that show up to make Seattle Hempfest what it really is!

Well, this year I've purchased a booth!! This is my first event/show/fair, and I will openly admit that I am scared poopless. I barely have the supplies to run a booth! Borrowing a canopy and tables, and i'm going to use sheets to cover the tables. Cardboard boxes will probably help with displaying my items, and my sign is probably going to be painted by hand as opposed to a fancy printed vynle one.
I'm so very lucky, though, to have many very supportive friends that will be helping me achieve this every step of the way. Everyone in my life is being very reassuring, reminding me that "Everyone loves your soaps, you'll do fine" but, the fear can't be helped!!!
I'm an inexperienced 19 year old going out into the big big world and selling my name and my products to a tonnn of strangers!
Hopefully people will dig this young, thrown together feel. It's my first shot, but I'm so determined to make this amazing. I know the wonderful, amazing girls that will being attending with my (a coworker, Krystal, and a great friend of mine, Whitney!)

With my first event just around the corning, I'll have my shop down for a bit. It actually may not come back up until late August, early September because of the cure time for Cold Process soaps. I'll possibly save one bar of each soap here at my house while i'm at the event, so i have some items around to keep the thing open, but i've not yet decided yet. It really depends on how things go at the event!!

When i do return, though, EXPECT SOME GREAT THINGS! I'm planning to roll out a few additional Bath and Body products that I do not currently offer. Some ideas may include bath fizzies, chapsticks, body frostings, foamy sugar scrubs, etc.
Also, there will be a whole packaging revamp! My items will be much more professionally presented ( + super cute.)
I also intend to include a lot more scents and varieties of soaps. More shaving soaps, hemp soaps, and other recipes with scent available in more than one recipe.

So please excuse my absense for a bit, but when i come back, expect some AMAZING things!

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Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I think we'll be going, so I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for your booth and come say hi! You'll do great, I'm sure of it!

lathersbylinds said...

Wow, awesome! I'll be the one in tie dye.. oh wait! haha.

Zethan said...

AWESOME I can't wait to here how your event went!! and all the new items I will get the pleasure off ooggling!

Carol said...

I hope it was awesome~

Anonymous said...

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