Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Man Post!

HELLO everyone! Today's theme is "Gifts for Men". I've been thinking a lot about what to get my boyfriend for his upcoming birthday, and our upcoming anniversary! So enjoy this hand picked selection of gifts for the men in your life!

This clock is from 8milecreekdesigns, and it is made from a 1965 Ford Mustang! Neat, right? I'm thinking that John would love this! It's on sale right now, only $45. I know my dad would adore of one these as well, since he's always had mustangs and been a huge fan of that type of car.

Check out these fantastic Steampunk Cufflinks! Perfect for dressing up while maintaining your own individual self, these intricate cufflinks are perfect for men! (Or women that like cufflinks!) And at $23.99 these can fit into anyone's budget. You can find these and other great items from WhiteFlagDesigns.

These Mustache Pint Glasses are sure to tickle anyone's fancy! Mustache or no, now you can look totally classy while chuggin a pint! You know your boyfriend, dad, or a certain friend would love these more than they probably should. :D

Only $28.00 from BreadandBadger

Small and simple, but what guy doesn't love a good zombie flick/video game?! They're all about the undead, it seems. haha! Give this to every zombie hunter you know, and they'll always keep you safe from the brain sucking, flesh eating creatures!

Only $1.85 from familyofbears

When a man gets clean, he doesn't need pretty, colorful soaps! He needs something that will CLEAN him and do it darn right! "A woodsy mix of basil, juniper, lemon, sandalwood and patchouli" sounds pretty manly as well!! No wonder this soap is called Mountain Man!! This moisturizing shave soaps will go perfectly with the dirty mess that every man seems to make of themselves. Oh well, we love the sweaty dudes.

Only $3.75 from mountainmamachic

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alexkeller said...

i love the mustache glasses - a little play on leaving one on your upper lip, perhaps!?
i have vintage cuff links - but my hubby doesn't need to wear them. maybe i should...