Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting in Shape.

One thing I feel has always been a week point for me is getting into shape, staying fit, and eating healthy. There is always just a little extra weight that i wouldn't mind getting rid.

I was on a pretty great roll back in February, using a site called My Calorie Counter but when i moved into my new place things went crazy. Money got tighter and we went grocery shopping less and less, started hitting up the Wendy's dollar menu, the BK dollar menu. This really took it's toll on my body. I gained weight, and i think that now i'm at the heaviest i've ever been.

NOW, this is not to say i really find myself "fat." I just know that i could be so much healthier than i am right now! My family has always had a very hard time with weight and there are also health risks my parents have that i need to be aware of! My dad is diabetic, has heart problems, and high blood preasure.
The best way to help prevent these health issues for myself will be eating a well balanced diet, paired with regular exercise!
So i sort of owe it to myself to really buckle down and take my own health serious.
I will say that i'll NEVER give up my wendy's spicy chicken sandwich, though. no way!

I'm trying to make this fun for myself, though. Yesterday my boyfriend and i spent about a half hour hunting around the produce section at our local grocery store. We bought celery, these weird Sweet Tree fruits, a yummy Asian Salad mix, Baby Carrots, Pomegranate Lemonade, and Pomegranate Blueberry juice. they're all so yummy! Oh yeah, and we got a ton of KIWIS too!
Strawberries as well. :D We ended up caving and buying coffees and a donut each though. Just as a farewell haha!!
That night we had these awesome lean Pepper steaks and john cooked them so well! They're pretty good for you too.
I really enjoy spending time with my man, and making our meals so this will perhaps bring my relationship with my boyfriend to a healthier place as well.

In addition i've rented a few work out videos from netflix! They should be slowly arriving come monday! The first video in the list is a Carmen Electra Aerobic Strip Tease video! and i really think it looks interesting! There were tons of pretty good reviews but from the sounds of it it might not be a really great one to do routinely. It just seems like a fun video to kick off my work out kick. Another one in the list is "Bollywood Belly" where you dance to upbeat music like in bollywood films!! It sounds like it'll be very energetic and perhaps a better REAL workout for me. My tummy could use a toning, thats for sure. ;)

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Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

you should check out Jillian Michaels(biggest loser trainer) she has a great dvd called 30 day shred.

Another tip is you can usually rent workout dvd's from the library or at least in LA you can. Just another way for you to get free ones to try out

Rosie said...

I have the Carmen Electra one, its a right giggle to do!!