Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Day Yesterday

I spent the day with my boyfriend John after work. While it was hot and miserable, and john and i ended up getting in a few fights, we had a great time.
We went to the store and got food from the Deli, then went down to a really wonderful park that includes a waterfront. Unfortunately, no pictures this time! I forgot my camera :x The sea Lions were out at the water research place a bit down the beach and we could hear them barking. Ahh, i love them! They're so fat and cuute.
We ended up leaving there a bit early, because we discovered tiny black thingies crawling all over us.. Kinda freaked out! And they were itchy!
So we walked back to the car, holding hand.

After that, we decided to cash in all the change we've been saving for the last like.. 9 months! John works at Subway, so he's always bringing home pockets FILLED with change when he gets off work. He's always the best, most friendly sandwich maker ever and somehow remembers everyone's sandwiches. Everyone loves him, he'll come home with 20$ in times a night sometimes!!
When he transfered stores, a lot of his regular customers started going to the one he got switched to because they really like him!! The store he transfered to is now making at least $900 more a day with him there. Awesome!

Anywho.. the change ended up coming to $95 in our hot little hands. Drove to the movie rental store to pick up "My Bloody Valintine" which was.. okay. GOREY! So much cut up dead bodies and pickax killing. They started to get creative, even though there were tons of people killed, no 2 people were pickaxed in the same style. lol.

We also picked up a few scratch tickets for the hell of it. John won $50 on his $5 ticket and i lost. Then i lost on another one. Then i won $1. we're both winners ;)

Then while we were watching our movie, our friend Kegan stopped by and hung out for a bit, enjoyed a little of the movie with us..
After he left, we paused the movie and went, picked up a "snack" from wendy's. haha! I'm a wendy's fiend.

Also, i sold 5 bars of soap yesterday! Gotta pack tomorrow so i can send 7 boxes on monday. daaang.

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